Friday, September 11, 2009

Note #25, Volume 1


[First tower]
I see two towers soaring
it hits me like a sad picture
crying at the light in the sky

The sun was gone
like a black winter storm
like a flood swimming in a sea of shadows

I watched a thousand fall from above
recall moments of boiling white hot wind, crushing poles, red blood rusting of rock, iron and skin... Men who put their lives aside for those in need... A deliriously frantic woman; screaming as she ran out of time

Did it have any meaning?
Would you show and tell them one day? Why?

[Second tower]
I cannot sleep at all

I sit at the enormous void beneath the moon and stare away from the place I last smelled her sweet hair

We must never use someones bitter vision play any part in our life... sordidly manipulate power over weakness by the use of raining death

Always say how you love her
Robbed of a dream some will be
Like most gifts to go on through together
May whispers leave true loves ashes here to ache with me....

9/11 Remembrance Vigil, San Francisco - New York, City - 2002

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Track #31, Volume 1

Tomorrow's another day---

Note #24, Volume 1

"The search for bliss"

He could never stare at her pink and blue garden
His dreams recall a languid vision of a thousand winter storms
Under a watchful forest's shadow of sun & rain

They ached away the time
Crying to the soaring moon above

He howled at the sea
Singing the language of love
And all the void beneath them was gone

Over the waters mist
She screams as though the moment was a frantic symphony of spring...

50th Anniversary Open Mike/ Reading, City Lights Bookstore - 2003